Who Is Edward Carrington?

I’m pleased to announce that I have completed the first draft of a new novel. I’m going to be seeking traditional publishing for this, so if everything works out, it wouldn’t be out any earlier than late next year. It is the start of a thriller series.


The hero of the story is called Edward Carrington. He is a computer genius, but one that has decided to use his abilities for good, and not to be some mischievous or even dangerous hacker. He comes up against a group of worldwide criminal hackers, who are the under-the-table operations of an eccentric billionaire named Zadig Nazarian. Their aim is more than just to steal data, but also to sponsor drug and human trafficking, commit robbery and blackmail, and even to kill. Carrington, with his partner Vince Russo, go around the world to foil Nazarian’s plans.

I will let you know via this blog the progress of this book, and any other I write. I’m very excited about this book and about the series. I hope to write the best I possibly can for my audience, so thank you for your interest in my work.

Writing a New Novel

I’m writing a new novel. It’s going to be the start of what I hope will be a thriller series. I hope to be done with the first draft by the end of April. After that, editing, and then I’m going to try to have it published through traditional publishing, which takes a while.

I have also decided to exclusively write fiction from now on. Maybe in the future there might be some nonfiction in me yet to come out, but for now, only fiction. This article confirmed that I was making a good decision.

I have also decided not to write any posts here on my site till I’m done with the first draft of this book I’m writing now. It’s just too much to do at once. I want this book to be the best it can be for my readers, and that requires a lot of time and attention.

I will have more news and more to share later this spring. I hope you never give up on your dreams, like me.



Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Now that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has won the CPAC straw poll for president the next president, are we going to be seeing a Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton in 2016 match up?

To me it’s too early to tell what’s going to happen in 2016. No one really knows what’s going to happen in this year’s congressional elections even. However, Paul speaks to a growing segment of the American electorate that’s pretty ticked off with Washington, and with career politicians who spout off party rhetoric. And, his name is not Bush.

But, if Hillary does indeed run in 2016, she has the name Clinton. And moreover, she’s a woman. The Democrat Party has shoved very unpopular legislation down the throats of Americans since Barack Obama has come to power, and they know it. I believe they also know that if they are going to keep the White House, they will need to continue the trend they created with running Obama, that is, cater to special interest groups. In other words, Hillary would be the female Obama; her only redeeming quality being her gender. To me this is grasping at straws, but in politics, you capitalize on every advantage you have over your opponent, even if it’s a made-up advantage.

Joe’s Under the Bus

Joe Biden Paul Ryan 2012

(Photo: www.theybf.com)

From what I can see, one thing is clear for the 2016 presidential election: the candidate for the Democrat Party will not be Vice President Joe Biden. If it is, I’ll eat my hat. Or, I’ll serve Michelle Obama her daily lobster and caviar rations. They know he comes across as a twit, and that his gaffs would be used against him with great pleasure, and ease.

The Democrat Party also knows that the only way he’d get anywhere is to laugh every time the GOP candidate spoke, as he did in the vice-presidential debate with Paul Ryan in 2012.

Again, I believe Democrat strategists know all this, and know they better play the gender card this next time round. Because who else is there? There’d be Joe, and then Hillary. Who else could the Democrat Party run for president? No one else is prominent, save for people like Putin or Mugabe who are already presidents.

Could the GOP win with another Bush?

Beyond Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, the name of Jed Bush has been floated around. I hope to God that the GOP isn’t stupid enough to run another Bush. Some have said that the so-called Tea Party movement, which Rand Paul is a champion of, is dead or dying, and that recent primary losses have indicated that the GOP establishment still has a foothold.

Don’t be too sure of the Tea Party’s demise though. What does the GOP establish stand for? It’s supposed to be an alternative to the Democrat Party, or am I wrong? Granted, a Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton match up would show some differences, but not like a Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton fight would be. Rand Paul talks about the Constitution, like his father. When did you ever hear a Bush talk about the importance of adhering to the Constitution, and then follow up with actions that support his words?

Both George W and George Sr have supported some pretty leftist schemes, most significantly the UN and other international bodies. Would a Jeb Bush be any different? Do we want to take that chance? Because to me the last thing we need is to allow more of our sovereignty to be lost to the UN. Our local sovereignty was lost under George W. Bush, namely the Department of Homeland Security. I can’t think of what another Bush might come up with. Yet, he’s got the name. Does Rand Paul?

What would a Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton in 2016 race look like?

Let’s say that a Rand Paul vs Hillary Clinton in 2016 race will be viable 17.5 months from now. Would a Tea Party favorite like Paul be able to tackle the Clinton machine? Say what you want about Bill Clinton, he still has a lot of political sway in this country. He still is a fundraising master. Even if you believe his money gathering skills are not always above board, he still can raise a hell of a lot of money. Could a Rand Paul beat that? You tell me.

Yet, Hillary comes with a lot of baggage, particular the events at Benghazi. Maybe this is an argument for Joe Biden being the candidate, because he can easily take the “I’m just the VP and I was standing around with my hands in my pockets” stance on Benghazi; in other words, he can play dumb, which Hillary can’t. Just the famous “What difference does it make?” quote from her is one hell of a lot of political ammunition for the GOP.

So I predict that if she does run, it will actually be Bill Clinton who runs; think of her candidacy as a third term for Bill.

I believe though, that Paul could win. It’d be an unprecedentedly challenging road, because so much more would be against him. I believe one of the reasons why Obama won a second term is because so many more Americans are on food stamps these days. In essence a vote for anyone opposing the Democrat candidate is a vote against having food to eat. Yes, that’s the idea. That was 2012, so think of how many more people are on food stamps today. Another card is amnesty. I think Obamacare can be argued because it’s been delayed so many times, and the website is a joke. Whether it’s Paul or not, any GOP candidate better know about all this.

Paul is a doctor, which is good for counteracting Obamacare. Hillary is a lawyer, I should write, another lawyer.

2014 Elections First

The 2016 presidential election is far away; we need to get through the 2014 congressional elections first, which could have significant impact on 2016. In fact, who knows what the makeup of the world will be in 2016. Look at the events in Ukraine. As of this writing, it’s anyone’s guess as to what could happen. It could be settled peaceably with negotiations, or it could be an all-out war between Western countries and Russia.

Hillary would have an advantage with Bill Clinton being her husband, and yet Benghazi will be a thorn in her side. Rand Paul has no perceived foreign policy experience, which is perhaps to his advantage given the Clintons’ international fumbling that the GOP will use against them.

Never too early to care

While it’s a distance away, the presidency is very important, and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Even though constitutionally, the president is merely a co-equal in the federal government, his co-equals being Congress and the Supreme Court, if we want America to remain “free,” then whom we elect has to be taken seriously.

I believe Barack Obama has abused the office of president. Look at all the executive orders he’s signed. To be fair, here are the orders Bush signed. In the Constitution, Congress makes the laws; the executive branch only enforces them. So what are all these orders about? I don’t care about the party the president is from. Sure, the president heads the armed forces, but where does the president get the power to just enact whatever order he sees fit? Not in Article II of the US Constitution.

Rand Paul may not be perfect, but of the two, who would uphold what the Constitution outlines as the president’s role, him or Hillary? Would Jeb Bush vs Hillary? Would Biden vs Paul, or Biden vs Jeb Bush? Regardless of the answer, if we still want the easy, laid back lives we’ve enjoyed in America for so long, then we better start asking ourselves these questions, and then act on it. It’s never too early to care. If we continue not to give a damn, then we can kiss our standard of living goodbye. Then the beacon for liberty that America has been will cease to shine in an increasingly dark world. And then what? What would the world look like then? I’m not sure I want to know.


New Cold War Because of Ukraine?

The drama in #Ukraine has fostered a lot of speculation as to whether the result will be another cold war-type relationship with Russia (Putin). As I’ve written on Twitter, I say no. I will explain why in this post.

There are two main reasons I’ll give that are pretty plain: 1) The Cold War was a different era, and time marches forward, not backward. And 2), there is no recipe for a cold war-type situation between the US and Russia like there was way back when. The first reason is easy to understand, the second I will expand on.

The world was ripe for non-conflict aggressions back in the old Cold War era. Even though it was a house built on sand, the Soviet Union had a lot more might back in the 1950s than Russia does today. The US had a lot more strength, especially economic strength, back then too, as we grew exponentially after WWII. That’s all different today. Both the US and Russia are economic shells of their former glory.

Putin knows this. I believe that’s the main reason why he backed down recently. He knows that any war with the West would have much more serious economic ramifications to Russia than his so-called presidency could handle. Since tensions have been mounting with the West, the ruble’s strength has fallen. And it’s also been suggested that the Ukraine conflict could cause a global economic crisis. On top of that, since the protests started in Kiev, there have been some rumblings of a Russian maidan. So in other words, if the Russian economy goes too far south, Putin’s own fate might be like that of the ousted Ukrainian president, Yanukovych.

All this aside though, aggression is not handled the same way as it was during the Cold War. The UN had no real power back then. But look at the UN today, they’re turning into a vast world policing body, especially with the use of drones. Britain, France, Canada, the US, etc, so Western countries, don’t have the money or resources to stage wars right and left anymore. Conflicts like the Ukraine saga will be handled through “peace.” I believe this trend will only be exacerbated in coming years. Read about my predictions in last week’s post on Ukraine and North Korea. It’s a one-world government, one-world system that we’re headed toward. And I believe the economic situation in the world is the biggest factor propelling us to a worldwide state.

Why else would Putin back off other than for economic reasons? Some people may not like this, but I don’t care, it’s the truth: Obama comes across as a total wuss, a girly girl on the international stage. Putin is the alpha, Obama is a beta. Putin knows Obama isn’t going to make a big war with Russia. He’s an old KGB dude, so he knows rhetoric when he hears it. He also knows the economic situation in the US and the EU, and knows the US can’t afford a bunch of wars. He knows that this is an election year in the US, and that the Democrat Party could lose all of its leverage in Washington. Putin’s not a moron in the slightest. In fact, he knows English and French, what other languages does Obama know?

You’re welcome to disagree, but I don’t see any possibility of a Soviet Era-like cold war starting again. We are in the Era of Surveillance, the era of technology, and the era of big government being needed for “peace.” We’re also in the era of fragile economies, and that above all I believe will guide all decisions on the international stage. If an aggressor like Putin would back down in his own back yard, with ethnic Russians crying for his help, what else would be his reasoning?

Forget about cold wars. We are in a worldwide war, the conflict of staying economically solvent. You and I both know it’s a battle being fought by everyone, countries and individuals alike. And I believe this war is going to be the greatest influence in the world of international politics.

How Ukraine and North Korea Fit into the One World Government


Former Soviet Ukraine has been in the news a lot lately, with the latest development being the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych, whose whereabouts are still unknown as of this writing. It is deemed a giant step in the right direction toward democracy to have gotten Yanukovych out of power and to have former PM Yulia Tymoshenko released from prison. However, my take on this is not necessarily one of jubilation, but to question whether the pro-Western factions really know what they’re getting themselves into.

I sure hope that we in America, and the West in general, appreciate the freedom we have, and the peace we’ve had as a result of it. It’s sad to see us take it for granted, because what choices have the people of Ukraine had? They have had Yanukovych since 2010 (it’s widely seen that he came to power due to voter fraud), and since then he has incrementally shifted political strength in Ukraine toward himself, and away from a balance of power with parliament and the judicial, the way we have it here in the US. One of the strong leaders of the opposition, Tymoshenko, was put in prison on some made-up charge. So an alternative to gradual dictatorship was taken from the people. This is inside the country.

Outside the country, you have Putin backing Yanukovych; and the EU and US siding with Tymoshenko. Though, the support for the protesters has been tepid from the West, with the EU only deciding to impose sanctions on Ukrainian leaders last week, and then not being able to decide which one to sanction.

So now with Tymoshenko out of prison, and even mentioning running for president in the next election cycle, it looks like Ukraine will now be able to choose a political path to the EU and away from Moscow, and therefore its Soviet past. Good choice or not?

What Putin is about is clear. He’s an old KGB dude, with Soviet mentality still in his beliefs. That is, he doesn’t tolerate dissent. So no protesting, corrupt judges, imprisoning opposition leaders, rigging votes, shifting as much control to himself and away from the Duma, and so on. This is old-school socialism, really. But to me, the EU is new school socialism.

The EU is the epitome of liberalism. You might say liberalism and socialism are the same thing. I disagree. They may have the same result, an all-controlling government, but getting there diverges you down a different path than old-fashioned, Putin-like socialism. It’s the path of peace.

I will explain.

Socialism, more precisely Marxism, requires violence. Just like how Putin and other dictators hold power, there is an element of violence. If someone stands up to Putin there will be violence in some form, even just arrests being made. In other words, you can replace the word violence with the word force. Socialism, Marxism, communism all use force to gain and hold on to power. Liberalism does it through peace.

Who’s not for peace? Are you against peace? No one is going to say they’re against peace. Yet those who oppose liberal policy are characterized as being against peace and being for war, or being greedy, or knuckledraggers, you name it. And with that last item, being a knuckledragger, liberalism is also sold on being cool. You want to be cool, don’t you? You don’t want to be rejected by society because you’re uncool, do you?

In Ukraine, the EU is seen as a pro-democracy bloc; it is the antithesis of what Putin wants. The EU is seen as something that will bring prosperity and choice. Yet, as the EU expands, and the government within the EU grows, there is less choice for the member states. With the banking crisis, the EU has stolen more and more sovereignty from its member states in the name of permanently fixing the financial weaknesses. Even last week European Commission VP Viviane Reding said, “[T]he eurozone should become the United States of Europe.” So don’t tell me for one second that a strong, central government isn’t on everyone’s mind in EU leadership circles. You as someone living in the EU will have less and less choice in your life because Brussels will take choice, liberty, from you. But it’s good, it’s for peace, it’s needed to stabilize the shaky economy, am I wrong or right?

So there’s the question: It might not be the old ways of Putin with government force, but aren’t the policies and intentions of the EU the sames means to an end? I feel sorry for the people in Ukraine. Do we know how good we have it, Americans reading this? We haven’t had to deal with any of this. We are the ones who have had real peace here in this country. So to me we should do all we can to keep that peace and not let it slip through our fingers and head more and more toward an EU-like America.

Now I’ll explain the title of this post, how Ukraine, and the North Korea, fit into the coming one-world government.

I believe the one-world government is being and will be based on the EU, not the US. Because even through there was some violence as of late, Ukrainians only have to choose peaceably and then will have the chance to gradually be integrated into the EU, like Romania and Bulgaria, and even other former communist states like Poland and the Czech Republic, have been. I believe the EU (it won’t be called that come that time) has the potential to swallow up the whole world, and this without one bullet fired. In fact, in the case of Ukraine, the bullets were fired to have the chance at being in the EU, if you want to look at it that way.

I believe you’re going to see more and more Ukraines. Where the people are fed up with their dictator, and want a so-called chance at “democracy.” You never know, countries like Belarus could head in this direction, even Turkey.

And that brings me to North Korea. I was going to write a post this week about North Korea only. With the new novel that I’m about to write, which has a lot to do with electronics, technology, computers, surveillance, hackers, big government, and so on, I have been much more interested in things like cyberwars, events like the Target breach, and technology like the quantum computer. So news about North Korea’s cyber army caught my eye.

Instead of writing just about fat-faced Kim Jong-un, I though of a question: How will rogue state’s like North Korea be handled in a one-world government? How will they be brought into the fold of “peace”? No, I’m not nuts here. I know this might seem to be a little off-topic, but to me it relates.

Granted, North Korea is more or less a cult, whereas Ukraine is not. Yanukovych was never worshiped the way the Kim family dictators have been. Still, don’t think for one second that North Korea would just bow down to an all-consuming EU-like superstate that is enveloping the world. Yet, maybe just like in Ukraine, the people of North Korea would see the possibilities for a “freer” life they’d have if they submitted to the one-world government and rejected the Kim family, and would do just what the opposition has been doing in Ukraine, enact violence to overthrow the Kim regime. Hm. Think about that one for a moment.

I know, the last few paragraphs probably seem a little fancy at the very least, but the EU isn’t contracting, and it’s one of those things where once it’s put together you can’t undo it easily, Britain is finding that out. So yes, I could be wrong about all this, and maybe the North Korean scenario is far off into the future, but given the points I’ve made in this post, couldn’t you see what I’ve suggested happening? You could also replace North Korea with Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe, and many others.

In conclusion, I hope that even with the EU being what it really is to me, another means to an end, the end being big government control, the people of Ukraine will at least get some relief from old-world hacks like Yanukovych and others backed by the Kremlin. And that this relief also will equate to their economy growing, and the people having a higher standard of living, which will hopefully lead to them becoming greater and greater freedom fighters… something I hope we don’t stop doing, otherwise we might be the ones who have to burn Washington DC down in order to gain liberty. I never want it to get to that point. I pray it never does.

Comments? Questions? Thoughts?

Introducing the Era of Surveillance

I, right here and right now, proclaim the time that America—and really the whole world—is in now to be the Era of Surveillance. I will also refer to this as Big Surveillance. Hopefully I’ll be recognized for this codification. I can’t count on that though. It’s part of the Information Age we’re in, but looking at it a little differently.

With this proclamation, I also declare that the Era of Islamic Terror is over. No, Islamic terror itself is not over, but the era of its predominance has morphed into something I believe to be far more sinister. If your liberty and lifestyle weren’t in danger in the Era of Islamic Terror, they certainly are now, which I intend to prove.

There are also other eras I could proclaim, the Era of Severe Money Troubles, since some of the surveillance is justified by lack of monetary responsibility, and the Era of Complacency, because of people not doing anything about the mounting surveillance when they could. I could even call this the Era of Cyber Warfare. But one thing at a time.

I want you to get the big picture I have, so let me detail my thinking on all this, go over how it affects you, and what we can do about it, if anything. I will state before I go any further, the whole topic of Big Surveillance has little to do with political party, and not even a lot to do with a belief system, i.e., liberal versus conservative. It transcends all of that because it’s a worldwide trend.

First, let’s go back a little.

The Era of Islamic Terror is Over

Art reflects nature. People who create (books, music, movies, theater, actual artwork, etc) are influenced by the world around them. I have been reading some older Vince Flynn novels lately. I am currently reading his Memorial Day. Even at the beginning of this novel, I felt the difference between the time it was published, May 2004, and now. America was still recuperating from 9/11 and its economic implications. We still had a “we gotta do something about these people” mentality.

And we did. We evoked big government to solve it. Thus, the seeds of the Era of Surveillance were sown.

Granted, the threat of Islamic terror had been brewing for some time before 9/11, but nothing quite as large scale as 9/11 had been successfully carried out before, as we all know and have heard a million times since. I’m sure you’ve also heard that 9/11 was the day that changed the world. Well, it changed and is still changing the world in more ways than we think, or will think.

Look at the surveillance we’re under because of 9/11 and its aftermath: anything to do with flying is heavily monitored, the Department of Homeland Security was created and is increasingly looking more like a branch of the armed services with its drones and its ammunition buying, other forms of transport are being eyed for “security” like buses and trains—and now that Osama bin Laden has been dead for years, do you think any of that will be taken down? Is there still a dire threat of everyone being killed by militant Islam?

Was there ever to begin with?

Sure, I’ll give you that we haven’t had a 9/11-type event since that terrible day, but who’s to say we would or wouldn’t with or without Big Surveillance? No one can come up with anything to state with full certainty that the loss of liberty and the cost associated with Big Surveillance have made any of us safer. Sure, terror is scary, and you never do really know where it might occur, but was every man, woman, and child in the US, and in Western countries, in complete danger of losing his or her life because of a handful of people who got lucky and were able to kill in the name of Allah?

Yet, on the flip side, I can understand the argument that we had to do something, and couldn’t just sit there and allow our enemies to have their will with us. But wouldn’t it have been better to loosen any law on the books in any municipality out there that restricts a person’s right to defend himself or herself? There wouldn’t be the need for all the surveillance, and it wouldn’t have cost the taxpayer a dime. Maybe I’m old fashioned. But you can’t go back and change the past. 

The Convenience of Surveillance

My suggestion of easing self-defense laws wouldn’t have happened, and not just because of the anti-self-defense mentality out there, but also because isn’t it easier for the government to keep you safe? It’s more convenient for them to take care of things.

There’s a price to pay for that though.

Especially today with technology. Because government doesn’t even have to physically be there to watch what a possible terrorist or criminal may do, they just watch it from a camera. Isn’t there a camera everywhere today? And if there’s not, one will be coming your way. The last time I was in London I really got to see it. I remember every place on the trains there were cameraa, around the buildings, in restaurants, you name it. What the hell is it all for, to see some old lady pull a wedgie out of her big bum? So-called terror, like most crime, can happen in few seconds, so how is a camera going to stop someone really wanting to commit an act of violence? I know, the pro-surveillance crowd will quote statistics saying crime always goes down when a camera is put up. No one bothers to check if the statistics quoted are true, and even if they are, everyone’s privacy suffers.

The lie of convenience is a trap. Look at the EU, the failed euro and the Schengen Zone were both sold on convenience, but hardly anyone thought of the sovereignty each country was giving up, what individual rights would be gone, and power of competition they’d be losing.

Really, your self-defense is your responsibility, not the government’s on any level. It’s crazy to think otherwise. If someone is attacking you right now, should you wait for the police to arrive and stop them, or should you defend yourself? No brainer on that one to me. The police’s job is to catch criminals. That’s really it. But today this has been corrupted. The role of government has been corrupted too. I digress.

Beyond Government – The Technology of Surveillance

So we have cameras. And let me tell you before I go on, surveillance cameras are getting more and more sophisticated as well. Most today are a half bubble, mounted like a light in some clandestine place. Which incidentally blows away the argument that the presence of cameras deters crime, because if the camera are so small, who’ll know they’re there, mice? And it’s not just government that has employed cameras, the private sector is on board too, hence the Era of Surveillance.

Of course it’s not just cameras. Whenever you hear the word “smart” used, think surveillance. Don’t think of the so-called benefits (convenience) the smart device can bring you, think of its potential to be monitored. We have smart phones. Of course any phone can be monitored, but since smart phones are small computers, there’s more data in them that can be extracted. Then there are the smart meters that certain municipalities are requiring you get for your home. These things basically control the amount of energy you use in your house. It’s in the name of saving the planet from human existence, but it, the device itself, or someone remotely controlling it, wouldn’t know the heat in your house needed to be turned down if the temperature and your power consumption weren’t monitored. If your city wants to require these devices, you better fight it like others have.

I have a good one. I have a friend who works in corporate America, in a Fortune 500 company here in Minnesota that will remain nameless. She told me that the company installed these special card readers on all the printers in her building. Each employee has an access control badge to get into the building, and so I’m told to make a copy or print out something, you have to hold that badge up to a card reader, and then you can make your copy. My friend told me that they were told what a great thing this is because you could go to any printer in the company, scan your badge, and release your printouts. See, convenience again, and also saving money. I told her that it might be convenient to have this feature to print anywhere, but every time you put your badge up to any type of card reader, whether it’s to make a copy, or to get into a door, it’s recording a number that corresponds to you, a date, a time, and in the case of the copies or printouts, probably what you did on the copier/printer. Seriously my dear reader, isn’t that freaking scary? What copies and printouts my friend makes are tracked. Ta da! The Era of Surveillance. And this has nothing to do with government.

Your activity on the Internet can easily be monitored. You know that right? Using some sort of “private” browser doesn’t protect you from anything. If someone really wanted to get at your data, they’ll find a way. There are some measures you can take to be anonymous online,  like Tor, or like what this author suggests. But who’s going to do all that? No, no, no, that’s not convenient to do what she suggests with all those DVDs and files and whatnot. Plus you practically have to be a programmer to do all that. How’s my 80-year-old mother going to take twenty-five steps just to turn a computer on and off?

What you write and post on social media is public. Read about Anthony Weiner if you don’t believe me. It can be libelous too.

But this is all old technology. The future holds realms otherwise only found on Star Trek. One in particular is Google Glass, ugly goggle-like sunglasses that really are a computer that’s controlled by your eye movement. However, since they’re basically sunglasses in their outward look, you can safely spy on anyone you want. And since you’re connected to the Internet with them, anything you do is just as vulnerable to being compromised as anything else online. Say what you want about Senator Al Franken (D-MN), but even he sees the potential for trouble with Google Glass. Bottom line, with technology like Google Glass, you can spy on others, and others can spy on you. Where are we going with this stuff?

Crime and Hackers

I alluded to this in the previous paragraph. It isn’t just government that can spy on you. There is a criminal element out there with plans to get a hold of your information. The Target data breach of late is a good example of this. Criminal hackers are challenged by big security, big surveillance, and big data. Data breaches are not going away, in fact, I contest the Target breach was nothing. I’ll explain why I state this later on in this post.

These breaches though give more cause to an element of people, certain politicians in particular, who think that there needs to be more security and more surveillance in order to stop these digital criminals from wreaking their havoc. This is just like the camera proponents, or the justifications for “going after” the 9/11 masterminds. Maybe they have a point with data breaches, but again, it’s pointing us in the direction of less privacy and more surveillance. In fact, you can even pay for someone to monitor what you do, like the companies that monitor your credit in case someone tries to steal your identity.

Jon, are you saying LifeLock is bad? No. The way things are today, companies who monitor your finances can possibly help prevent you from going through the hell that is having your identity stolen. My point is, it’s almost inevitable these days that the answer to the problem is more surveillance, thus, the Era of Surveillance.

Let’s go further, back to government.

Europol, SIS, SIS II, and So On

If you don’t know about the NSA spying on just about everyone, and Snowden exposing them and then going off to Russia to evade the US government, then you must be in a comatose state, or living in a port-a-potty. Google (uh oh, more surveillance if you use them) it if you don’t know what I’m referring to.

Since all of this NSA business broke, the leaders of the EU have been furious at the US for monitoring them, which evidently had been going on for a while. Well, hell. I have news for you, the Era of Surveillance isn’t limited to the US. The biggest culprit of surveillance in the EU is the Schengen Information System (SIS), and now as of April of last year, the SIS II, or next generation of SIS. This is a system, not a form of government. I’ll just come out and write it bluntly, it’s to monitor what everyone does in the EU, and probably elsewhere. Here’s a YouTube video on the SIS II.

The SIS II’s big difference is the acceptance of biometrics. More on this in a moment.

Whoa! Basically as I stated, the SIS/SIS II is something to monitory everyone, in the name of the prevention of terror, organized crime, or what have you. Europe has had some very loose immigration policies, which have allowed a lot of troublesome people into the EU. (Can’t you see this sort of thing being instituted here in the US due to all the illegal immigrants? Don’t just think amnesty is the only issue with the illegals.) So something has to be done in the EU to monitor what goes on there, right? Eh? Huh?

If you want more info on surveillance in the EU, check out this book by Thomas Mathiesen, Towards a Surveillant Society.

Biometrics – Your Digital Self

Here’s another technology that’s on the rise more and more, biometrics. What is that? It’s verifying your identity using the measurement of physical characteristics. This is replacing access control cards more and more. Though, chip technology is still around and being used more as well, like with passports. Hey, that’s cool. When you go to Europe, they scan your chip in your passport, and then SIS II knows you’re there. Or, someone could steal your passport and bring it to Europe and try to impersonate you, and you’d still be there, don’t even need your body anymore. And that’s where biometrics comes in: no one can steal your fingerprints… or can they?

Beyond the somewhat icky-ness of having my eyeball scanned with a biometric reader at an airport instead of the inconvenience of going through the TSA’s peep show and crotch grabbing, the biometrical capabilities of Google Glass make that technology fall into the same realm. But like I wrote earlier, all of this is only the beginning.

You Cannot Escape the Era of Surveillance

Maybe you could jump off a ship into the ocean. I don’t know how else you can escape it. Electronic technology, surveillance through biometrics, chips, the Internet, electronic money, systems like SIS II, the NSA, smart phones, smart meters, cameras, and all the rest, where do you think you can go to escape it? You definitely would have to leave a Western country. The US, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and other so-called industrialized countries are on board with all these forms of surveillance, whether it be through government or the private sector. Will you be moving to the bush in Africa, to the mountains in Tibet where you crap in the snow, or to some island in the middle of nowhere that still has the descendants of the HMS Bounty? You can’t escape everything I’ve mentioned in this post. It’s impossible. Remember my friend in the office having to scan her badge to make a copy? She can’t say to management that she refuses to scan her badge to make a copy; and it’d be dumb to get another job because of that, and more than likely other companies are implementing similar setups. She has to go along with it.

If you want a passport, you have to get one with a chip in it. Do you like the convenience of paying with a credit card for everything? They’re going to change eventually too, to smart cards. Remember what I told you about the word smart? And a smart credit card is your money. If you don’t like it, what do you do? Do you tell your employer to pay you in cash? Do you? No, you don’t. You take whatever they give you in the form they give it to you in.

Where All This is Going

Here we go. Into the realm of conjecture, even conspiracy theory. But I can’t come to any other conclusion. You tell me if I’m crazy. I believe the Era of Islamic Terror ushered in the Era of Surveillance, as I stated at the beginning. And now here it is: I believe the Era of Surveillance will lead to the Era of One-World Government. It will be sold on convenience, and that something needs to be done to stop terror, stop all the money troubles, and make things easier. The SIS/SIS II systems in Europe make it easier to stop criminals, right? Europe and the US have grown their governments exponentially since the financial crises that arose in the late 2000s. In fact, in Europe, the eurozone is looking for basically one government body to handle (distribute) all of Europe’s money, which will be easier in handling (doling out) money to avert any further crisis. We took similar actions with legislation like Dodd-Frank, which to some didn’t go far enough.

But again, like surveillance in the private sector, all of this goes beyond government. In future posts I will get into more of this in detail. But you see, the computers you have at home are old. They are what’s referred to as classical computers, the old world of computing. Here’s the problem behind Big Surveillance: it generates Big Data. Notice how I capitalized the B and the D. This is actually something that has a name, Big Data. There’s even a Big Data for Dummies book.

Big Data is necessary to handle all the information online, collected by cameras, phones, social media sites. Facebook currently takes up about 100 PB of data. A PB is a petabyte, which comes after terabyte (TB), so 1 petabyte is 1,000 terabytes. I have a 2 TB external hard drive attached to my PC right now. Take that 2 TB, multiply it by 50,000, and that’s all of Facebook’s data. Beyond the government controlling your healthcare, another reason to oppose legislation like Obamacare is because it digitizes more of your information. What does all this mean? Big Data. The Target breach was a Big Data breach.

Stay with me, we’re almost done. Hope I haven’t lost you.

Well, classical computers are not too great at handling Big Data. Enter the quantum computer. I won’t go into detail, you can Google (gosh, I’m making you submit yourself to surveillance again) quantum computer if you’d like to find out more. Basically, the quantum computer is the next phase of computing, even though a fully functioning quantum computer is not in operation yet. It is a marriage of mathematics, technology, and physics, just like the A-bomb… In practice, the biggest difference between a quantum computer and a classical computer is that the quantum computer can handle larger amounts of data at a much faster rate. So, a quantum computer will be able to handle all the information about you…

What? Wait a minute. You lost me, Jon. Now you’re into this quantum computer stuff. Isn’t this about government and surveillance? Sure it is. It still is. Because remember, Big Data is the behind the scenes of Big Surveillance. All that information has to be stored and managed somehow and classical computers, the laptop you have, cannot handle the data as well as a quantum computer will. Because… here it comes… I believe the one-world government coming will have the intention of recording every possible bit of information about you into a one-world computer system. SIS and SIS II, I believe, are precursors to this system. The UN has a number of worldwide systems, so do most international companies. So why not have a one-world system too, controlled by the one-world government. The quantum computer will be needed for this. Technology like Hadoop will be needed (a system used with Big Data) as well.

And oh yeah, you relegating your privacy, your personal sovereignty over your own life, that is, your individual liberty, will be required. Ready to give that up?

The Object of Big Surveillance

If it’s not to stop terror, what is the object of all this surveillance? Do we need it because of cyber threats like North Korea? Maybe that’s the good side of Big Surveillance, because enemies like North Korea are stealthy, and can try to do cyber damage without anyone knowing it’s them, and only through intense monitoring can an attack be averted. After all, the power grid is controlled by computers these days, and a criminal hacker or a rogue government like North Korea would love to turn the power off just when it would cause the most damage.

No matter how good something is, it can be used for evil; and no matter how evil something is, its evil can be used for good, even a little good.

And that’s the point of this section, what’s the idea behind all this? Will it be used for the political enemies of whoever’s in charge in Washington DC? The technology of Big Surveillance is already used for that as far as the enemies of the US go, so why not turn it on people who disagree with the government here in the country? It’s possible isn’t it?

I don’t want to get anyone upset or paranoid about all this. I don’t believe the government is watching my every move. I somehow feel that a time like that is coming though, because we’re on a trajectory with all this that can’t be stopped.

What You Can Do About Big Surveillance

Get serious about your faith. That’s it. I know, that’s a short answer, but I have no other. I mean, you still should fight it. I believe Big Surveillance is evil, and the one-world government is evil too. We should fight evil: you fight a bully, you don’t lie down and let him punch you. Little Gandhi in his loincloth stood up to big old Great Britain and won. And who does history remember as the hero, the king or the Mahatma?

Also, I’d advise you to keep your eyes open. What can you do about your company requiring you to scan your ID to make a copy? Not much. But you can fight government back, like the people who fight municipalities that require people to get smart meters. Don’t take it. Don’t be bullied by the Era of Surveillance. Don’t wait around for someone else to stand up and fight for your liberty—it’s yours, given to you. And it’s precious.

More posts to come on the Era of Surveillance and all its related crap. Thank you for taking the time to read this writing. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I’m sure I left a lot out since the Era of Surveillance, like the Era of Islamic Terror, has many facets to it.

New Site for a New Year!

Welcome to my new site! I had to pitch the old one, maintaining it was too time consuming. My site is a WordPress site now. I believe this move will lead to a lot of really great things, for my career, and for the voice of freedom. Basically I wanted a site that’s a blog, but then also has peripheral pages with further information. I believe WordPress can easily accommodate this setup. It’s pretty bare bones right now, but I will be refining it as I go along now.

Here are some awesome points about my site and my writing:

Blog – I will try to produce a new written blog post every week. I hope to post items more frequently than that, but it depends on how much time I have. I will be writing about American politics today, international politics, one-world government news, and political philosophy to name a few categories.

Podcast – I’m also going to restart my podcast. This will begin hopefully in February. I had a podcast in 2012, but it fizzled. You learn from your mistakes, and you learn from trying. But you don’t get better if you quit, so this time round I’m more adroit at knowing what to do and what not to do.

Vlog – Later in 2014 (maybe in late summer) I will be starting a vlog. Basically instead of just typing something on a written blog post, or speaking into a microphone in the case of a podcast, I will be videoing myself and then posting the video-blog posts (vlogs) to my YouTube channel. I’m very excited about vlogging. But like anything that resembles television, it’s more complex, so I want to take the time to get it right.

Books – Currently I’m writing a short book on modern socialism. I started this last year and thought I’d have it out on Kindle last year too, but that didn’t materialize. For sure it’s coming this year. It will be called, 21st Century Socialism: Old Tricks New Tricksters. It will be a short read like the other nonfiction books I have on Amazon, about 100 pages. The Kindle version will be free for five days once I launch it, so more to come on that.

Other Books – After I self-publish this next nonfiction title, I’m going to stop self-publishing and use traditional publishing, so I will be looking for a publishing company for my writing. I write both fiction and nonfiction, and have a great idea for a series of thrillers, so I will be working on that in 2014. A writing career takes a while to mature, and it takes a lot of time and effort initially, but I’m not going to stop. Like I wrote on my Liberty v. Tyranny page, I have to do what’s in my heart and fulfill my unique individuality. I can’t hold it back.

2014 Election – This year is an important year since it’s election year. What exactly is going to happen, I don’t know. A lot of events will occur between now and then. But we need to take it seriously and not give in to bigger and bigger government. To hell with the government! America is about us, we are the people, not the elitists in Washington. We need to get that in our heads though and act on it—giving up will give us more and more of the same crap. I don’t want that, and nor should you.

In conclusion, thank you for your patience and interest in me and my writing. I do appreciate all of you, and will do my best to serve you and serve the interests of liberty here in America and throughout the world.