The Puppet Master Gets a Challenger

Monday, January 26, 2015

What happens when you’ve made a lot of money, but then use your wealth for evil? Like leeches, Zadig Nazarian’s tech companies are already latched on to governments worldwide. Whether it’s to get them to require more biometric IDs, adopt more surveillance, or even compile more private information onto databases, Nazarian’s companies all benefit, making him richer. But that’s not enough. He also has a clandestine cyber terror network, whose members commit crimes so that governments will then be forced to use his companies for protection.

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What a cozy setup Nazarian has. And since he possesses the funds to make himself invisible, and work behind the scenes, he’s gotten away with his operation for years—until his bots mess with the wrong guy. Check this out…

Can someone with the knowledge, the physical skill, the determination, and the relentless drive to obtain justice for those who have been victimized ever be able to remove Nazarian from his throne of power? Carrington better try, because even with all the money he’s got, Nazarian is not above the law, or is he? Innocent people have had their lives destroyed, sometimes literally, so something must be done—and soon because the digital age has allowed too many to hide. Can Carrington do it? Many deputies will have to be taken down first. Does he have that endurance? Or will Nazarian throw all he has at him to eliminate his valiance from this world?

The world will have to wait, and see…

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I decided to put my self-published nonfiction and poetry titles back online again. I took them off because I thought I didn’t fall into the brand I have been trying to build. But in a way they do, especially when cross-referencing in YouTube videos I make on the subjects any of my writing falls into. Be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube as well.

Driven to Danger 

This is my thriller. I’ve mentioned this on my Books page for a while, but thought you might like to see its trailer on YouTube as well.

Why Care About the Constitution? 

This can be found on Amazon. Here is the book discription from Amazon:

“Think you understand the US Constitution? Memorizing names and dates is easy, but understanding why the Constitution’s still important now and always will be, and why you should care is getting at the heart of humans’ quest for liberty. Get Why Care About the Constitution? 10 Reasons to Give a Dang now to start gaining the wisdom you need to pass on the precious torch of freedom.”

Get Motivated for Liberty! 

This is another nonfiction title found on Amazon. Here is its book description from Amazon:

“Does it feel like Uncle Sam has gotten so fat that he’s broken the scale? Seem like it’s impossible to get government’s weight under control? Need motivation to keep fighting? Discover how you can keep motivated and not become discouraged in the struggle to keep free from oppressive government with Get Motivated For Liberty! Just like the battle to keep fit, without motivation and encouragement, it’s easy to give up. But don’t give up! Because just like personal fitness, the war can be won.”

Divided Highway 

This is my lone poetry title on Amazon. Here is its book description:

“A young man moves to the city to flee his puritanical suburban upbringing and discovers the trials of an urban life. Divided Highway’s 50 poems of various styles and lengths tell the tale of his journey, evoking the image of a microcosm filled with passion, longing, and heartbreak.”

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

I have started a YouTube channel. I went to broadcast school a long time ago, so I might as well use my skills to keep you informed on what’s happening in the world. Please check out the trailer for my channel below. I will be making a new video each week, online by Sunday night. Subscribe now.


Not Just Another Thriller Series

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I finished the novel I referred to in my previous post a few months ago, and have been self-editing it. I’m now seeking publication through traditional publishing, which involves looking for an agent at this point, who will then try to sell the book, and the series, to an editor at a publishing company. Since I’ve self-published another novel years ago, and have learned a lot of the ins and outs of the business of writing, I believe my work will be accepted.

I’m eager for this because I want to give you the best writing that’s out there. I’ve revamped my website here, and will continue to do so. I’m also starting a vlog, which will be posted on My YouTube Channel. So yes, you can see videos of me, which I will also post here on my site. Video is where it’s at. If this wasn’t the case YouTube would not have outgrown television in viewership now. I’ve also started an email list. Please sign up for it before you leave.

Briefly, this novel I wrote is the start of a series. The main character, Edward Carrington, is a computer genius. He comes up against many enemies, but ultimately he’s warring against a billionaire puppet master, Zadig Nazarian, and his deputies, whose legitimate business affairs give cover to a sinister world of hackers, thieves, and murders he employs. Carrington and his partner Russo travel the world to stop Nazarian’s nefarious plans, even to the point of putting their lives at risk. But justice must prevail.

The first book, which I’m calling Total Power, is about how Carrington got to be who he is. You have to start somewhere. Nazarian has been confident no one was smart enough to foil his plans. But will his confidence be shattered?

I titled this post “Not Just Another Thriller Series” because I believe this story is totally plausible. You won’t think you’re reading fiction. So no fictional presidents, countries, or parts where you say to yourself, Oh come on, this would never happen. Oh no. I also state this because usually thrillers involve the CIA or FBI. Not this time. I believe we have to move on from the CIA, because today it’s only partly relevant anymore. The government institution Carrington gets involved in is Cyber Command. This and the NSA are where the world is going more so each day.

With how the elite in the world are getting richer and more powerful, how regular people have fewer choices and less freedom, and how technology is enabling a vicious brood of international cyber criminals to have their will, only someone with great physical strength, fierce intelligence, and an unwavering mission of justice can try to stand in the way of evil. Can he withstand what Nazarian throws at him? Or will he pay dearly for fighting the superpower that means to eliminate his very existence?

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