About J.W. Wexford

I’m currently seeking representation and then publication of the first novel in a cybercrime thriller series. You can check out my Edward Carrington Series page for more information on it. I am going to be going through traditional publishing, so big New York, which is a slow process no matter who you are. I’ve self-published in the past, but hey, I’m not going to lie, self-publishing is really a gateway to traditional publishing, and is not something a serious author should stick with.

I write fiction, but also want to write for theater, and perhaps dabble in poetry. Beyond those avenues, I also write music, which has been an off-on pursuit. I don’t believe in limiting oneself, yet an author needs to balance his/her life. Regardless, anything I write that gets out there I will communicate to everyone through all channels. In the meantime, checkout my author page on Amazon. Also, be sure to checkout my social media sites.

Thanks for wanting to learn more about me.

P.S. – J.W. stands for Jon William.