J.W. Wexford’s Books

I recently finished a new novel, which will be called Total Power. It’s the start of a thriller series. Please check out my post about it, and then the pages about Edward Carrington, the hero, and Zadig Nazarian, the billionaire puppet master that Carrington goes up against. I plan on using traditional publishing for this series, which takes considerably longer to be available. In the meantime, please checkout my first novel below, and other titles.

Driven to Danger

I self-published my first book on Amazon in 2012: Driven to Danger is a thriller set in the former Soviet Union. The main character, Vadim, is a poor musician trying to make a better life for himself, but learns that when you’re born poor in that part of the world, you’re meant to stay poor. But at what price is he willing to challenge how things are?


I also self-published a poetry title on Amazon, called Divided Highway.