Edward Carrington Thriller Series

When Matt Hanon sees files missing at his job, he senses trouble. But then after the mid-thirties Clevelander receives multiple wrong numbers, has his bank account emptied, and the police arrest him for no clear reason, he knows he’s been hacked. Already at a breaking point because of having debt, a crummy job, a belly, no friends, and the love of his life marrying another man, this violation compels Matt to punch right back, being a computer wizard himself. But when he can see into the perpetrators’ world after setting an online trap, he discovers he’s not dealing with some teenager in a basement, but a sophisticated cybercrime ring. And they’re planning what looks like a massive attack against the country’s passenger train systems, centered around Chicago. Revenge turns to valor because they have to be stopped.

An arrogant FBI won’t take him seriously, so he makes his way to Cyber Command, the armed services’ cyber defense wing. They not only take him seriously, but can see Matt cracked the ring’s code, something they’ve struggled to do. He learns that the hacker group is funded by a billionaire, Zadig Nazarian, with a unique scheme: he owns several financial and techie companies, but then runs a clandestine criminal network, whose aim is to commit crimes that push individuals, companies, and governments into using his legitimate businesses. Matt and the Cyber Command folks speed to Chicago, but it’s too late, the hackers hijack the trains’ computer systems. He sees death and devastation up close. The fire that was lit inside of him growing up when he was bullied by his father and peers now blazes in Matt—someone must avenge this injustice, someone must stop them, and that someone should be him.

From there Matt, now known as Edward Carrington, is taken on a wild ride, bringing him to other continents, pushing his physical and mental capabilities to extremes, and transforming him into an agent of justice. He dedicates his life to stopping Nazarian’s quest, no matter what the cost, even his own existence.