dward Carrington

This guy is the hero of the fiction series I want to start.

I wrote the first book in the series earlier this year and am now trying to go through traditional publication (agents, editors, and big New York) to have it published. Unfortunately that may take a while. Please sign up for email updates to know when this book and any other I write will be out.

Carrington is in his later thirties, from the Midwest. He is a computer genius. Really, he’s a genius at most things intellectual; what he could do with computers he could do with… cars, I don’t know. He’s not too great with relationships though…

His identity is stolen. He can’t let incompetent government handle it and decides to investigate them himself. He then uncovers a global hacking group that’s believed to be tied to billionaire Zadig Nazarian. By the time he gets too deep into their world, it’s too late, he becomes their target—no one comes up against Nazarian and lives, no one. But Nazarian never thought someone would come along who’d be more cunning than his most favored deputies. So then the battle is on.