How to Control the World

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Internet of ThingsThat’s a good question: How do you control the world? Do you enact some great military campaign? Do you develop, as many nations have, a great weapon that could destroy millions of lives and then threaten to use it if others don’t comply to your will? Do you try to control people’s money source? Their movement? Their political freedom? What?

The answer to me is simple, something no one thinks of. In fact, it requires not one bullet to be fired. Can’t guess what? It’s to make being controlled both convenient and cool; and then do it so incrementally that no one notices, and in some cases clamors for it. This is exactly the direction the whole of mankind has been going for a while now, only it’s about to accelerate at lightning speed.

Enter quantum computer technology, the Internet of Things, social media, everything “smart,” and Big Data, to name a few. Hopefully you have heard of at least one of those items. The purpose of this post is not to dissect each way technology is transforming our lives, but to question where it’s all headed. Of course your privacy is in danger, of course there’s no going back, and of course you will have no choice but to conform to whatever the next big push is. You’re crazy if you think otherwise.

So is the aim of big technology to control the world? That doesn’t make any sense. Is that the goal of those who push digitizing everything? Not directly, I believe. I’d even say no one has really sat down and decided they could control mankind with technology, and yet that’s happening little by little. Even if you think I’m some conspiracy theorist, everything, no matter how well-intentioned the creators are, eventually will be used for evil. The atom bomb was never meant to be leaked into Soviet hands, yet that happened. The antagonist of my thriller series I’m trying to have published right now, Zadig Nazarian, is an evil puppet master. He’s a billionaire with minions who carry out cyber attacks and other crimes in order to push people and governments into utilizing his above-board companies’ goods and services. Nazarian is using technology for evil, behind the scenes. Sure, it’s fiction, but fiction is good at asking the question what if?

With more and more and more and more information on every human being in the whole world being put into systems, how easy could it be for ill-intentions folks to try to control the inhabitants of the entire planet? Do I sound mental? Think about it though. Look at the graphic I have in this post, on the IoT, which stands for the Internet of Things. I found that photo on Fotopedia, a royalty-free photo site. Read what that photo names as being the IoT, your health care, energy, environment, transportation, what you do at home, what you do in buildings, manufacturing, and so on. There’s even something called the IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things, where computers run farm equipment, so AI, artificial intelligence, is involved in all this too. Is this Star Trek? Why not though, many luxury cars have systems that more or less do a better job of driving a car than you ever could.

Not convinced all technology within the IoT, which includes everything you do online, your smart phone, driving your car, if you work with a computer at your job, and so on, will be used for control? Do you know what an ALPR system is? That stands for Automated License Plate Recognition. Many law enforcement agencies all over the world are adopting such systems to track people via their license plates on their cars. Remember the graphic above, the IoT includes transportation. Supposedly ALPRs are about catching criminals. Well, that’s like saying any technique used in the past to catch crooks never worked, so we need to monitor what everyone does in their cars because that will work.

Cashlessness. It mainly started in Scandinavia, but it will spread, the idea that it’s better to have completely cashless societies, so no physical currency anymore, just plastic. Hey! Convenient, isn’t it? No pockets full of pennies rattling around. But wait a minute, everything you buy with your plastic goes into a database somewhere, with your name on it. Does it or doesn’t it? When you pay for something with paper money your name isn’t involved.

We still have some years left before we have no choice, but not many, I believe. I’ve heard about all landline phones being eliminated in favor of cell phones. But cell phones today are mainly smartphones, which can very easily track whatever you do with them, again, feeding a database. And if landlines are eliminated, you’re not going to have a choice. It’s like the cashlessness, you won’t have a choice; it’s like the license plates, you won’t have a choice; it’s like smart meters for your energy usage, you won’t have a choice. See where I’m going? And all in the name of automation, without one bullet being fired. How perfect for nefarious characters who want to control the world. The fruit is ripe.

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