Zadig Nazarian

Nazarian is the antagonist of the book I wrote earlier this year, which I will be attempting to have published through traditional publishing now. So I will be looking for an agent. Please sign up for email updates to know when this book and any other I write will be out.

This guy has two worlds. He has his above-the-table world: businesses that are mainly financial in nature, or finance-oriented. And then he has a below-the-table world, one filled with hackers, murderers, extortionists, and even governmental lobbyists, all of whom push companies and governments into utilizing his above-the-table businesses. Nazarian has made billions off this whole setup. And of course, with the capital he has, he’s been able to eliminate himself from all ties to the below-the-table world. Even the most skilled intelligence operative in Washington can’t link him to his evil network.

Until Edward Carrington came along.

But Carrington isn’t some super-hacker. He’s just a normal guy working a job in Cleveland, Ohio, in America’s heartland. Of course, it turns out he’s not normal at all.

It doesn’t matter through, Nazarian will crush anyone who’d even think of trying to take down his empire. He’s taken the power he’s amassed for granted though, like a long-time dictator of a third-world country. So can Carrington unseat Nazarian from the throne he’s placed himself on? Can a real justice be found, and not the perverted justice Nazarian speaks of? Or will Carrington’s involvement in Nazarian’s affairs prove to be a step he’ll pay dearly for taking?